Thursday, September 1, 2011

Faux Washi Paper and Eggplant Dragonfly


Hello TJ Friends and Visitors!

Kathie McGuire here to share a project with you with a technique I usedfrom the 8/11 Technique Junkies newsletter called "Faux Washi Paper."

Today's card features the Cloisonne Dragonfly stamp, a long time favorite of image of mine from Strong Stamps.

I made the background first, then decided how I wanted to make the dragonfly. I thought copper embossing powder on eggplant cardstock would be the perfect combination. I wanted to embellish the dragonfly, so I chose to use some irridescent beads which I attached to the dragonfly with Crystal Effects. I carefully cut between the wings with sharp scissors, then gently curled the wings by pulling them between my finger and thumb. I attached the dragonfly's body to the card with two sided foam mounting tape. I also used some larger copper beads to decorate the corner of the cards. They were also attached with Crystal Effects.

TIP: Lastly--and most importantly--I would like to share a very fun embellishment I discovered using a few years ago. Behind the dragonfly, please notice a copper colored material which looks like a type of shred.

What the material is: it's a metal pot scrubber which I purchased at the dollar store--three of them in one package (what a deal!). I cut into the scrubber near the top with a regular pair of scissors, and then gently pulled the material as it began to "unravel" from the scrubber. When I had enough, I simply cut the length. To "tame" this big wad of copper, just roll it into a ball in your hands until it's the size you want. You can attach the material to the base card with just about any kind of clear drying adhesive--I used my favorite fabric glue, Fabri-Tac. Since the material is wadded up into a ball, glue is necessary in only a few places. To ensure attachment, I placed Fabri-Tac in a few places on underside of the dragonfly and then weighted it down on top of the metal material with a few punches until it dried.

I hope you've enjoyed today's project; thank you for stopping by the TJ Blog today. I hope you'll take the time to make something wonderful today!

Kind wishes,

Kathie McGuire


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and thanks for sharing about the copper scrubber embellishment!

Unknown said...

Really pretty background - I also like that MS Stamp


Ann said...

So awesome. I love the colors and all the wonderful texture.

Donna said...

Shut the front door!! This card is amazing, Kathie.

Vicki Romaine said...

Kathie, your background is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

very neat tip, I was wondering what it was when I seen it but never dawned on me it was a pot scurbby. thanks for sharing and love the card. Dragonflies are my favorite and I have that stamp too. How cool is that. Have a great weekend.

Hetty said...

Beautiful card, my friend!

Ali Manning said...

Fabulous card, Kathi and what a fab tip about the pot scrubber. You've got to love the dollar store!

Michele said...

just lovely! xo

nancy y said...

what a great embellishing idea! a pot scrubber, who knew? I like how you did the beads on the corners too.