Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glitter ribbons

Ann Clack here with a couple of glitter ribbons cards.  The pink and blue one was for my granddaughter who turned 11.  She LOVED all the sparkle.  It matched her new room to boot!

The blue and white one was made during at our FSF group.  Friends Stamp Friday seems to have become a regular occurrence her the last couple of months.  I originally invited one friend to come and stamp...then it became two........then three.  Then four!  At least it makes me get the house cleaned.    The cupcakes on both cards are removable.  You can place them on a mirror, votive, or anything smooth and non-porous.

Do any of your stamping activities help you get the housework done?


Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun is this- love that the cupcakes are removable too- love your colors!

Beth Norman said...

Love the sparkle on these cards. I love the cupcake image too.