Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sand Dollars

{jane bosi}  Happy Thursday, Junkies!!!  I'm happy to share a colorful collection of cards I made, just goofin' around!  

As I sat down to play, I knew I wanted to use this beautiful Sand Dollar background.  But, I wanted color!  Inspired by this image, randomly found online somewhere....
I pulled out the tried and true Non-stick Color technique and got on it!  The two earth tone prints are from the same application of ink. Specifically, I was using Ranger Ink Distress Stains.  The two blue cards vary in that I used the stains directly to the stamp surface.  One also has a spray of water to blend the inks--the other is just straight ink to stamp to paper...Can you tell the difference?

Finally, I took all of this:

Added: Love You Circle, You Make Me Proud, Be Silly and Forever and A Day to come up with this:

Be inspired by color!  Try your hand and use the Yahoo group to show us what you've come up with!  Or, use the comment section to link to your own creation!  I can't wait to see your work!

Don't forget to be awesome!  TTFN, Jane


StampingJudy said...

Jane, these are awesome. You have inspired me to try something s different with this stamp -- and others!

Beth Norman said...

Oh Jane, you really took the inspiration and ran with it. How gorgeous!

Diana Enns said...

Don't you just love "goofin around"? These turned out great.

Sandra Bonagura said...

love this image ... nice job with the colors.

Yvonne Aydemir said...