Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Try That Technique: Polished Mulberry

Try That Technique! Stampers who have the June 2003 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter will find Polished Mulberry, which you can see on my card.

Diana and I challenged each other, once again, to Try That Technique. We hope you join in on the fun too.

If you are a TJ member, submit your card on our Yahoo Group or if you are not a current member, link up your card here for your chance to have your card on the TJ Yahoo Group home page for the week, and with your name in highlights too!

Congratulations Barbara Washington. You are this week's winner and will find your card on the homepage. Thank you for playing.

The background was fun to make, as I do love to get my hands inky, which is why I have a special shirt to use when I work with any liquid product. This shirt came about totally unexpectedly as Donnie pointed out the large ink spot while we were out for supper. Imagine my red face! That will teach me to work unprotected.

Stamp Credit:

Stamp is I Brake for Stamps and is called Large Christmas Femme.

Happy Stamping friends,


Connie Paxman said...

Beth this is georgous...and I even have that stamp...I just finished pointillism...okay now another one..

BarbaraW said...

Beth yours turned out beautiful. I had problems with my image not going through to the glossy, so I used the mulberry paper. It's a bit brighter. Here it is